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Friday, October 5, 2007

yarn oddities pron friday

all of today's yarn pr0n comes to you from my basement studio (ha ha ha, it's actually a bathroom with a BIG sink attached to a storage room with a deepfreeze that makes a great dyeing surface), production headquarters of yarn oddities. so, this is what i've been up to lately! (and more to come as soon as i get the pics off of emma's camera.)



gimme gimme shock treatment:

havana affair:

chewing gum:

my mood swings (more purple than it looks here):

sad about girls:

rebel rebel (currently available at etsy):

miss mary (part of a set for knitherapy):

sneaky feelings (also for knitherapy):

that's all i've got for this time, but trust me, there's more! plus this is a dyeing weekend.


Zonda said...

Awesome!!! I am loving Havana Affair and Sneaky Feelings and Miss Mary..and..hehe! Great job!

Avrienne said...

I love Havana Affair too!

And your names are so clever!

Jo said...

I like the shock treatment one!