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Thursday, October 4, 2007

not only am I alive...

but i've been knitting! look, i can prove it:

it's gwen, from monkey toes, and i LOVE these socks so much. they're on my feet right now. yarn is regia, ringel stripe i believe it's called, from my lovely pal in the mini punk rock gift exchange.

currently in progress:

broadripple socks for my new roommate, lorna's laces shepherd sock in iris garden

we call them pirates hat for me! all in knitpicks palette from a trade. i'll be making the mittens to match it, too. there's other stuff i've been knitting, but i either can't share it yet, or i don't have pictures right now. they'll be coming up as soon as i can.

oh, here's another one! toddler socks, gooey by momma-monkey at monkey toes. such a cute pattern, check it out! knitted in yarn oddities, 'gimme gimme shock treatment' colourway.

up next, what i've been spinning!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ZOMG. I love the Gwens !!

And I love the hat. I cast on for that, oh a year ago now and wanted to gouge my eyes out I kept mis-knitting the blacks and the whites.