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Monday, October 1, 2007

it's like being in star trek!

we got new phones at work today. they're black and silver and totally covered with buttons that light up. the display has a built in directory of all staff numbers, and it even coordinates with your voicemail. it's so cool... oh man. it seriously makes me feel like i'm in star trek, especially since my last phone before this was a $10 panasonic cheapie from radio shack.

the projects i've been working on lately are finally seeing the light of day, so i'll be able to start showing you. most of it has been secret, either because it was test-knitting for patterns, or because it was for secret pals. so as soon as i find my camera (i misplaced it this weekend in the midst of my birthday festivities, but it's in my house somewhere!) you can expect pictures of things i have knit, things i have recieved, etc etc. well, the things i've knit will happen sooner because i already have pics of them, seeing as they've gone away. i just haven't uploaded yet.

oh, and i have spinning pictures to show you, too! i've been doing a lot of spinning and it's going really, really well. i have some gorgeous purple handspun from some copperpot roving, and some atomic melon from spunky eclectic that isn't plied yet, but still looks great!

hm, what else, what else... i cast on for we call them pirates this weekend. i'm already more than halfway through... it's actually a really fast knit! i'll try to get some in-progress pictures tonight.

thanks to everyone who's sent love and support. i'm still busy as all hell, but i'm feeling more like me, and that's a very good feeling.

oh, and p.s. - i sold yarn on etsy! it was SO EXCITING! hee hee.



errs said...

Congratulations on your sales!

Knitwise Cracker said...

I have a new job, thus a new telephone system.......YIKES!! Way too high tech for me. Perfect for you though, I have a feeling!! Happy be-lated birthday!!! Does that make you 25 now?? I won't tell you how old I am!!