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Thursday, October 4, 2007

and the seasons, they go 'round and 'round

and the painted ponies go up and down.... sorry, random joni mitchell moment there. are you ready to see what i've been spinning?

up first, party girl by copperpot at etsy, 4 or 5 oz spun into singles and then plied together. oh, everything on this page is spun on a drop spindle from spinsanity at etsy, by the way. it's so great!

it's so soft and pretty, i'm going to have a lot of fun knitting it up. it's kind of a sport/dk weight, so next i thought i would try to spin some actual sock yarn. i think these singles are almost there, but i haven't plied them yet. they're atomic melon from spunky eclectic, with many thanks to momma monkey. it was such a nice surprise!

and up last, the batch of spinning that i'm working on right now, a custom batch of fiber from copperpot again. her fiber is AMAZING! just one shot, a little fuzzy. this batch is definitely going to be sock yarn, and i have 8 oz to work with... i'm so lucky!!!!

there's still yarn pr0n to come, but i think i'll post it a little later tonight.


Anonymous said...


Me like !!

I'm off to watch Quidditch try outs. You comin'?

Jo said...

I love the colours in that last picture.

Shauna said...

I second Jo. I absolutely love that orange!!!!