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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

tasty tasty diet coke

hi all.

yes, pixie's been crazy quiet for a while. i've just needed it. don't worry, though. i'm still knitting and dyeing away, and the first big batch of yarn oddities are in full production swing! more yarn will be arriving this week.

i'm also doing some work for robyn's nest which i'm REALLY looking forward to.

yarn oddities will open as planned on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th! (one month away! eek!) here's a handy counter to help you remember, hee hee:

for the opening weekend, saturday and sunday only, there will be NO SHIPPING CHARGE on any orders! so make sure you get in there on those two days. also, there will be bloggy previews of the yarn oddities before they get posted in the store, so watch for that too!

otherwise... well, how about you leave me a comment and tell me about something really cool that's happened to you lately? i could use that.

i'll let you guys know as soon as there's more yarn oddities news!


jacicita said...

yay! check out my blog -- i posted pictures of the sock i'm knitting with the yarn from you! it's a few entries back now, but there's a knitting tag. (i'm not terribly far on it, because it's a wee gauge and i only knit it when i'm away from home. but i have been getting loads of compliments on the colorway!)

Lizzardie said...

Hmmm... I bought a new car, does that count as exciting? Of course, it means buying less yarn, which is NOT exciting, but hopefully I'll live with the stash I already have!

errs said...

I started a blog...does that count as exciting?

Katie said...

I've also been working on my sock using your yarn. I've already sent you the picture of one sock, as soon as they're done I'll send you another picture to use as you please :)

Avrienne said...

Five weeks ago, the grocery next door to me went belly up, which was very sad, since I couldn't just walk over and get what I needed anymore. Today was the grand opening of the store that's taking its place!

(I do love good food enough that this is exciting.)

Kayt said...

hmmmm something kewl..... Well I am going to cast on with my oddity tonight! i think that is something super kewl!!!!!!

KnitChick said...

Cool new stuff...lots of dates lately!! With some of the worst and some of the best kisses I've ever had ;) Oh, and I have four completed socks waiting for me to put them in boxes in the next two days and get them shipped out!!

renita said...

i finished crocheted fingerless gloves, and i'm halfway through a matching hat!

also i went to penticton to watch my old roommates do the ironman. CRAZY. and so amazing and inspiring.

there's a 77 year old catholic nun who does ironmans. she's incredible.