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Thursday, August 9, 2007

rut-bustin' sock swap!

it turned out that pixiehollowriot, my upstream in the knittyboard rut busting sock swap, was none other than the lovely aitara!

so i want to take a moment on my way out the door to show you all my FANTASTIC goodies! my goodness.

all of the goodies in one place!

all packed in this funky little bag.

who knew there was jack skellington lip balm?!?! so great! also, little glow in the dark pixies, and stickers!

punk goodies AND my favourite candies, YAY!

hand-dyed yarn! i kinda want to eat this colourway...

more delicious hand-dyed yarn.

and tinkerbell! whee!

oh man, what a wonderful package. i'm in a hurry right now, but as soon as i have some more time i will link aitara's blog.



Avrienne said...

Okay, all the stuff in the bag is definitely cool...

....but that bag is SO COOL.

Can you find out where she got it? :)

Shauna said...

Oooh yay, what great stuff!! I am so jealous that you have Jack Skellington lip balm!!!!!!! Who knew???