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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

le swag

i think i've mentioned before, but all yarn oddities ship with some funky stuff. postcards and the like, plus magnets and stitch markers. for the original yarn oddities, i had made stitch markers and magnets that matched the yarn, but this time around i've come up with something a little bit different. a 'signature' set of magnets, and stitch marker, that you'll get with your yarn oddities order. at least one of each, but more depending on what kind of mood i'm in, haha! hopefully also buttons, eventually, if you think that'd be cool.

the magnets are handmade and either say KNIT, PURL, YARN, or PUNK:

and the stitch markers, also handmade, have a funky black glass bead, and are made in colours:

the pink beads are MUCH brighter than they look in that, they're definitely hot pink.

the last remaining orders for you 'get real' girls are shipping today! and your orders include the new gear.

let me know when your yarns reach you!


Batty said...

Awesome swag!

knitphomaniac said...

very stellar swag! :) love the magnets!

Beverly said...

I love the magnets. What a clever advert/freebie!

Knitting Mama said...

Can't wait to get my swag from the original order! Getting excited! When does that ship out? :)

Avrienne said...

The magnets are awesome!

tonna11 said...

I got that lovely box of beautiful yarn and funky fun swag!!! It was like christmas opening all the pretty packages!!! I am definately hooked!!!! The magnets were so cool even my hubby liked them!!!! The markers and buttons were wonderful!!! As soon as I was done opening it all my inner child started begging for more, more, MORE!!!!