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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

whoa. it's dusty around here.

hello lovelies! i'll probably update a few times over the next day or so, but i'll start here. i've had a few worried-sounding 'where are you?' emails and comments, so i thought i'd prove to you all that i'm still alive! lots has been in the way, but i'm okay, so please don't worry. i'll update you on all that's gone on, but for now, i'll share some of what i've been doing.

i did up some custom-dyes the other night:

meet 'rockaway beach'

and 'she's a sensation'

both of which are headed to their new home tomorrow.

speaking of yarn going to its new home, here is the finished stack of 'get real', ready to go out to the lovely ladies who ordered it, also tomorrow morning!

i'm very happy with them!

speaking of dyeing, with the store opening coming up, i need to make a few decisions. one of them is as follows:

i'm currently not planning on making any more of the colourways i've already produced (get real, love you 'til tuesday, etc) until i've finished all of the new colourways and have them in the shop.

do you agree with this? or is there a colourway from that batch that you'd like to see appear alongside the new colours in the shop?

opinions are ALWAYS appreciated. more from me later...


Erika said...

Considering the incredible popularity of "Get Real", I think you should have a bunch of skeins for your store. :D

I think my skeins will become a beautiful chevron scarf. :D

Shauna said...

I cannot wait to see the other colorways!!! :-)