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Monday, July 9, 2007

pixieriot dot net is CHANGING!

don't be alarmed, ladies and gentlemen. if you visit and see something that ISN'T this blog, don't be surprised! the initial landing page will have links to the store, the gallery, AND the blog. it's just one extra click away! i'd definitely prefer people linking to still, instead of to the blogger address.

however! if you click directly to the blog address, then you'll not notice any change at all.

just wanted to make sure everyone had warning!

much love,



KnitChick said...

Hhmmm... seems broken today...wasn't sure if you knew that or if it's just me, but everything else seemed ok. Got here through Blogspot.

Batty said...

Not to worry, we'll keep coming back no matter where you move. It's like the creepy Police song so many people seem to think is a love song but is really a scary, creepy stalker song.

OK, clearly, I need to stay away from the caffeine.