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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

oh yeah, i got real.

last night was spent dyeing up six skeins of 'get real'. i have the green fingers to prove it, too!

i have more yarn arriving before long, so i wanted to see if anyone would like to request a skein of any of the other currently-existing yarn oddities colourways.

just visit the store and see if there's a colourway you'd like to reserve. if there is, email pixie at pixieriot dot net and let me know which colour it is you want. when the new yarn arrives, i will dye up everything that's been requested!

i just wanted to make sure i don't miss anybody, before i start dyeing the new colourways for the store.


Batty said...

I still have to get US customs to let through the last yarn you sent my way. Sometimes, there's absolutely no holdup, and sometimes, it takes forever.

Hey, customs guys, gimme my yarn!

Anonymous said...

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