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Friday, July 13, 2007

neon cat barf!

...or, what happens when the pixie learns to spin.

this morning and today after work, i got out the drop spindle that arrived yesterday from spinsanity, and messed around a bit with the beautiful copperpot fibre that she sent along with it. there wasn't much, so i didn't get in much practise, but i'm ordering more so that i can really get the hang of it. anyway, here's picture evidence of my crazy yarn. i will probably wind it off, half it, and ply the two short pieces together just to see what happens. because there's not enough yarn to do anything else with, that's for sure.

so here you go, some neon cat barf:

if anyone who spins has any comments or suggestions, please, i'd love to hear them. for a while in the middle, the yarn was soooo consistent and even! and then it got thick and thin again toward the end. i guess we'll see what happens next time!


Elizabeth said...

My suggestion is just to keep practicing. Spin a whole pound, in small bits of course, and by the end of it, it will "click."

No, your yarn won't be perfect, but it will be so much improved you won't believe the difference.

KnitChick said...

Good advice, definitely.

That's very bright yarn Pix! I would have liked to have seen it before you spun! As to plying, here's a great tutorial on Andean Plying You can do the same thing by just making the single into a center pull ball and pulling from both ends, but I like the Andean technique. When I spin two bobbins of singles and ply them, one is usually a little longer than the other - so I wind up the remaining tail on my hand and andean ply it back! Waste not, want not! Your socks have slowed down considerably...haven't knit a stitch since and Harry Potter have gotten in the way (but mostly work).

Batty said...

My first yarn looked similar (only not so bright before I got my hands on some KoolAid and dyed it dayglo orange). It gets better, just keep spinning!

Abby Franquemont said...

Girl, that is looking freakin' awesome! Seriously! That is some absolutely fabulous very first yarn ever. Save it! Be sure you save it.

What Elizabeth says is spot on; there's a physical component to it that's just something your hands have to learn the feel for.

Spinsanity said...

Hey Pix,

(no, really, I'm not a stalker!)

That yarn is stunning! But here's what got me past the rope-spinning stage...think of spinning the fibers, rather than the roving/batt. Pull off pencil-sized strips and draft those out thinner as you spin.

I'm sorry I didn't send more. :-(