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Thursday, July 5, 2007

i'm a startaholic

seriously. i am. i just signed up for the mystery stole 3 kal. of course, i have no laceweight yarn in my stash, so i have to go buy some. and beads. but i only have a dollar until the thirteenth... so by the time i get the money, put it on my credit card, order the yarn, and the yarn gets here, AND i dye it... we'll probably be halfway through the kal, or even further. bah. me and my lofty ideas... but i REALLY feel the need to make this!


Kayt said...

I signed up too.. am goign to the LYS tonight to see if i can find something that i like for it. wish me luck... if you want i will wait and start with you.. lol

Lizzardie said...

I signed up AND I bought yarn (along with more yarn, sigh). I think this one is fun, though, and since I finished Clue 1 within a couple of days, I'm hoping it won't interfere with my other WIPs too much. :-)

Webbo said...

I'm not doing it but I sure am envious of those who are. Whatever Melanie has come up with, it's bound to be delightful. Anyway, you can't be a startaholic if you're still finishing things - and I definitely saw some very lovely finished socks on here not long ago!

Batty said...

I so understand! The only reason I didn't sign up is that I have started the Baltic Sea Stole 5 times or more. If anything else comes long, it'll never get done.

But have fun and post pictures!