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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

i swear, i'm still alive

wow. a week without posting... i think that's a record for me.

still here, still alive. shipping out a few yarn oddities this week, and trying to manage my finances... putting together the first big batch of colourways for the store is going to involve a fairly large investment... well, it's large by my standards, two or three hundred dollars. i have a seperate account for store-related finances, just so that i don't spend the money on other things... though it's tempting, because i can barely afford food this week. sigh. but i'm getting closer, mostly thanks to the support you've all shown by buying my first yarns!

i also have stitch markers for sale, if you're interested in helping me get closer to my starting-my-store goal.

i've taken pictures of my WIPs, but most of them are for swaps, so i can't show them yet! and maya asked for pictures of my military sweater... i tried to oblige, but it wouldn't photograph right in the light i had, so i'll have to try again today.

and really... i guess that's it. i've been in a bit of a dark hole the last little while, and i'm trying to drag myself out of it with happy thoughts of making pretty yarn.


Knitwise Cracker said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog!! So, of course I had to check yours out too!! What a fun & creative blog you have. So, it looks like you are all sold out of your hand dyed sock yarn, eh?? I must check in again. I don't have smaller needles at the moment to do the Jaywalker ribbing, so I will just skip the ribbing. I've seen other pictures from folks who have skipped the ribbing & they look good! You've done some things on your blog that I want to do, & even read the "help" sections on google today, but I can't figure it out. Like how many "hits" & linking logos/icons to websites, etc. I imagine you are too busy to help me!! I took yesterday & today off work, so I am playing!!! :)

Turtle said...

Lol, you keep busy enough! I too find it hard some days to stop, slow down and turn on the pc! Glad your business is starting to pick up nicely!