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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

get real is in the house.

on the weekend i bought dye.

yesterday, i skeined yarn.

today, five skeins of get real come into being!

these skeins have been reserved by jacicita, tonna, kayt, erika and maya.

if you ladies could please send an email to pixie at pixieriot dot net, from the address you'd like your paypal invoice to go to, that would be awesome. i'll get the yarns out as fast as i can after payment is recieved.

thank you for supporting yarn oddities... the sale of these skeins is going a LONG way toward helping get the store up and running. and there's something VERY cool in the works that just may involve a new pattern and a designer i love... keep your ears open!

i'm thinking about a sept 1st launch date... it's a saturday, so i could spend the morning listing yarns, and i want to have a opening weekend sale!

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