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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

get real - coming soon!

there were a LOT of people who were disappointed at missing out on 'get real' from my first batch of yarn oddities, and a few people in robyn's journal, when she posted it, who expressed interest.

i've just ordered up yarn to make a batch of 'get real'. i should get at LEAST five skeins out of it, maybe more.

i already have maya, kayt, jacicita, tonna and erika penciled in for skeins of this colourway, but if anyone else would like to reserve a skein, please comment here! that way i can make sure you don't get missed.

edit: this is the five skeins from this batch spoken for, but if more people want 'get real', i'll make sure more gets made!

as always, the yarn will ship with matching magnets and stitch markers, some cool swag, and anything else fun i have on hand. it's like a sock club package, without the club part. ;-)

yarn will be $20 USD including shipping to anywhere in the world, 400 yards of 100% superwash fingering weight merino... i'm knitting with a skein of this merino that i dyed, and it's just lovely, i'm so happy with it!

oh, and there'll be no charge until the yarn is dyed and ready to ship, no worries. :-)


Knitwise Cracker said...

I just tried to e-mail you twice, but they both came back to me as undeliverable. I used What am I missing??

jacicita said...

gorgeous! i want one!

Erika said...

ooohhhh.... pencil me in for one. Is that $20 US or $20 CND -- and shipping to the US?

Have you gotten the box of randon acrylic yet?

sharon said...

Keep up the good work!
I have put my skein in a pull ball and really want to turn it into monkey socks!!!!!!
I don't think it will stripe or pool so one of these days it is going to happen!

Katie said...

so pretty!!

I started using my lovely yarn, until my son got to it and took the needles out and bent one.oops! but it was a nice yarn to work with.

Knitting Mama said...

That is so awesome that you got orders from my blog post! Rock on! Anytime you need advertisement!

When are you shipping the swag we missed out on during the original orders because it wasn't ready? Curious :)

Anonymous said...

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