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Thursday, July 5, 2007

fo: jaywalkers and camera suckage.

seriously, i'm going to need a new digital camera. macros on this one SUCK, unless they're in blindingly bright daylight! oh well, someday..

jaywalkers by grumperina, from magknits. lorna's laces shepherd sock in 'rainbow', 84 sts co, size 1 needles.

and here's a preview of the new pair i cast on last night. trekking pro natura, 92 sts co (one size up from the two in the pattern), size 1 needles. for the rockstar!


Shauna said...

I love the Jaywalkers!! I have yet to try a Lorna's sock yarn...I might need to try that pattern too.

ms. pixie riot said...

thanks! the pattern is easy, and sooooo comfy! i'm getting over my love of lorna's though.. the sock weight, at least. there are so many softer yarns out there! i prefer cherry tree hill supersock, or even the superwash merino i buy in cones for my own dyed yarns.