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Saturday, July 14, 2007

and then there was yarn.

last night, using knitchick's tutorial, i tried andean plying with my little neon single. the result was some underspun but very pretty yarn. here are some pictures... with closeups, because i missed yarn pr0n friday!


Batty said...

That came out so nice! I'm not going to ply my first handspun (just came up with a project for it), but I'm going to try that tutorial and see if I can't get my purple yarn plied properly. I tried the other day and it didn't work at all.

KnitChick said...

Oooooohhhh...Pix, it's AMAZING!! What a GREAT first yarn! I'm glad the tutorial worked out for you. I'll admit, if you're doing a LOT of yarn, it's somewhat impractical, but for small amounts like yours, or those ends I mentioned (which is typically 30 or 40 yards), it works well.

Rebel said...

Wow that yarn is soooo cool. Love the neon colors. = zi,a