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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

100 posts!

dude. this is post number one hundred! i feel like i should have a contest. but i have NO idea what the prize would be.

so... uhm... tell me what you'd like the prize to be and i'll think of a contest! first pick of one of the new yarn oddities when they're released (for free of course)? your own custom-dyed yarn oddity? custom stitch markers or magnets? one of my hand-painted canvas totes? something knitted by me? other yarn? oh heck, i don't know! suggest something.

speaking of hand-painted canvas totes, here's the one i carry around with me:

and at the request of the lovely miss maya b, here are pictures of my military sweater. i know, it doesn't quite look military yet... the 14 buttons down the side closure will help with that! and i guess the colours wouldn't really let me blend in anywhere... ;-)

i love the way this yarn looks... who doesn't dig neon tweed? okay... maybe it's best if you don't answer that... ;-)

hopefully later today i'll have a pic for you of how my first yarn oddity knitting is going. i couldn't possibly be happier with how the colours are falling... NO POOLING! yay!!!


Turtle said...

Lol, at the "who doesn't love neon".. it looks great by the way! I cannot help you with what a prize would be as I love many things "knit". So I could not decide.
Can't wait to see the pics of your yarn knit up...i just signed up for a sock dying far i am the only one signed up so it may be postponed ..again! (have signed up 2wice in the past)

Have a great 4th! heading to the lake, our band is playing at a private party! (why oh why did i not take tomorrow off??!)I have a pair of southwest socks on the needles packed in case i need a quiet break!

Kayt said...

ok lemme say i love love love luv the sweater! sooo yummy...

As for the contest i think some custome dyed yarn is always great! or even finding a new colorway and letting the person who won the contest get the first skein and name it? just an idea :)

MayaB said...

Congrats with 100 posts!!! *popping champagne and blowing up the baloons* And for the contest...YARN YARN YARN...Oh no wait....BAG BAG BAG....oh eh....
The sweater, my dear, is just so lovely!

Knitwise Cracker said...

Gosh, you crack me up!! I'm so glad I met you through the Jaywalker KAL!! I had to go back to work today (7/5). I want to play with my blog, now that I know how to add links to buttons!! But, I have to go walk my dog. Never enough knitting time!!!

Lime Street Knits said...

Congratulations on the big 100!

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