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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

yarn oddities for sale!

three one-off yarn oddities today, first come first serve! fingering weight sock yarn. $15 including shipping (even international!) comment with an email address that i can send a paypal invoice to.

check the comments first to make sure the one you want is still available...

these ones are 370 yards, 100% superwash merino wool, and i love this yarn even more than the stuff i used last time! i think it's what i'm going to stick to.

by the way, yes, these are ramones songs. not david bowie. i thought i'd use a different artist for one-off and custom colours. yay ramones!

first up, 'go mental' - neon grape, orange and lime

next, 'somebody like you', which is very much my colours - neon pink, grape and lime

and lastly but not leastly, the very tasty looking purple and teal "suzy is a headbanger"


Anonymous said...

I gotta have the "somebody like you" colorway--the pink purple and lime. I love your yarns and want to get as many as I can before you become one of those huge indie yarn dyers I need to be on a 6 month waiting list for!!!LOL!!!

sharon said...

Hi PIxie - just wanted to let you know I got my yarn - the first thing my older daughter said is - it smells good. I told her it was koolaid.!!!!really liking suzy - I may have to browse the other blogs and think about it (not supposed to buy more yarn the big gurl said)

Batty said...

Yay, Ramones! There should be one called "I wanna be sedated"!

That said, I'm totally in love with "go mental". I know I just bought yarn from you, but... I think I have to get this. It's calling my name.

Michelle said...

I'll swap you the chenille for suzy.. I really don't think I'll ever use it.

sharon said...

are they all sold yet??

Shauna said...

You make gorgeous yarns!!

Turtle said...

Yeah!! I got one!