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Friday, June 8, 2007

yarn oddities, the first

edit: oh man, you guys, i can't believe there are only two left! i literally squealed just now as i was sending out paypal invoices. this is SO EXCITING FOR ME! the money from selling these is going straight into more dyeing supplies, and i'll be sending out all of the orders this week! read on to see if you want one of the last two colours left.

you've all been so lovely and patient! i would now like to present to you the very first seven yarn oddities. i am incredibly pleased with how well they turned out, and having so many pretty colours of sock yarn sitting in my living room is just a really nice feeling! :-P

the colourways are named after songs by the clash, and the colours are whatever popped into my head. this post is mostly just to show off my colours, but also - 'pressure drop' is already spoken for, as it was custom-dyed for my wee brother, but the other six are up for sale!

each skein is about 460 yards, so easily enough for a pair of socks. since they're my first tries at dyeing, i'm not expecting a lot. i'm thinking $15 US, and i'll throw in free shipping, wherever you may be (even if you're international!) ... if that sounds fair to you guys!

if you want one of them, just leave a comment to this post, and i'll make sure it's reserved for you. whatever doesn't sell over the weekend will go up in my etsy shop on monday. :-D

here we go!

KP001 - rudie can't fail - SOLD!
(neon green and peachy-orange with white... num!)

KP002 - cool confusion - SOLD!
(dark grape purple, white, and electric blue)

KP003 - lost in the supermarket
(cherry red, white, electric blue - a rocket pop duplicated in yarn!)

KP004 - if music could talk - SOLD!
(emerald green, deep purple, and some dark slate blue)

KP005 - pressure drop - not for sale
(grape and lime!)

KP006 - 1-2-crush on you - SOLD!
(purple, red, orange and vibrant yellow)

KP007 - wrong 'em boyo - SOLD!
(yellow, lots of shades of green, and some teal)

i'm just so happy that they're out here for people to see! pretty pretty.


moxie said...

::jawdrop:: WOW! They're gorgeous! Much, much better than my first attempt at dyeing. Great job! :)

BTW, I think my webring code is fixed now. ;)

Angela Marie said...

OMG!!! I am in mad love with the Cool Confusion colorway!!! I would sooo love that one.

Angela Marie said...

Pay Pal totally works for me ( Looking forward to seeing that yummy yarn here in Oregon. :)

sharon said...

KP004 - if music could talk
(emerald green, deep purple, and some dark slate blue)
Please may I have it?
I have paypal- I want the yarn!!!

sharon said...

my email is (
Uhm - just a question- how do you get the little pics when you leave comments? Anyone

Knitting Mama said...

I want KP007 - wrong 'em boyo!

I'm using bday $$

send me a paypal invoice!

graphicdesignchick at hotmail dot com

Katie said...

I'll take 1-2 crush on you, paypal address is

KnitChick said...

Oh Pixie, they're WONDERFUL!!!

Did I read correctly that you got all those amazing colors with KOOLAID??

Now I'm really excited to see what color my socks are, cause if there's a color out there that's MORE perfect for me (Or LkM) than If Music Could Talk, it must be absolutely stupendous!!!

Batty said...

They're absolutely gorgeous! If nobody has dibs on KP001, I want it!

If you ever need a new career... yarn dyeing might be it.

LotusKnits said...

Those look awesome!!!!

Queen of the froggers. said...

They are great!