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Monday, June 11, 2007

unintentional sss

so, this weekend i made a jaywalker. usually if a pattern is supertrendy, i don't really think about it, but i had this lovely rainbow lorna's laces, so i decided to try it out. it seemed like the right pattern for pretty rainbowy yarn. i was right! the first jaywalker looks gorgeous, i LOVE how they fit my feet, and i will be making many more of these once i dye some more yarn!

the unintentional sss bit comes from the fact that i can't find the second ball of rainbow sock yarn anywhere... sigh.

speaking of dyed yarn, there is only one colour left! this was the yummiest. it was inspired by rocket pops, of whatever they're called in your region... those yummy red, white and blue striped popsicles. the best part was, dyeing with kool aid, it actually even smelled like them! i just wanted to eat it.

so if someone wants lost in the supermarket, let me know! i'd love it to go to a good home. just don't eat it when it arrives!

i'm off to do a bit of knitting on a rak suprise-y thing, and to eat some strawberry cheesecake ice cream. would you believe i'd NEVER had haagen dazs before this weekend? i now understand what the fuss is all about...


Turtle said...

Hey Pixie..a fellow "punk Knitter". Love the sock yarn! You did a great job choosing color combos and dyeing. LMK when you make up more...would love to pick some up. Dyeing is still on my to do list as is spinning. (the wheel sits collecting dust) Take care, Turtle (tanya)

Batty said...

Strawberry cheesecake ice cream. Yum. I haven't tried that yet, but now I'm drooling.

Rebel said...

Who says you need to wear matching socks? Just wear it with another handknit sock, and call it good! - zuma