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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

pixie flambé

hello lovelies! i know i've been quiet for a while. i spent the weekend in calgary with the mama and my brother, and did a wee bit of shopping. i ventured out to make one yarn studio for the first time, and it was absolutely lovely. it was so warm and cozy and friendly.. but nice and quiet and mellow, which is what i needed. $60 later i had four colours of cascade fixation to make socks for my mama, and some gorgeous handpainted wool to send as a swap to someone from the knitty forums.

then, upon arriving home, i had a parcel drop-off slip. so this morning, since i woke up three hours early, i walked up to the post office. i posted a knittyboard swap item, the stitch markers and other goodies for the four girls who won my contest, and a secret item as a RAK to another of the knittyboard girls.

i also picked up a package from knitpicks... eight skeins of bare sock yarn! YAY! i have pink and green crystal light at home, and rockstar is picking up kool aid on his way home, so tonight i teach myself how to dye. i figured that using drink mixes would be a good first step, to see if i can get the hang of it, before i go out and spend all the money on dyes...

OH! and last week before i left i got two skeins of happy fuzzy yarns in the mail, in the new hot grrl colourway... it's stunning! definitely yarn pr0n to come.

i need a good summer weather mix cd.

so, tell me a song that feels summery to you! even if it doesn't mention summer at all, that doesn't matter... just something that feels right. here's mine!

bouncing souls - sarah saturday

write it once to the music in her head
it's a perfect song, moving her along
through a broken world that changes every day
but inside sarah's head, everything's okay

(by the way, the title refers to my nasty, nasty sunburn, obtained while walking from the c-train to make one)


Queen Frogger said...

Look forward to the dyeing stuff, you should be able to get some really bright colours from the Kool Aid!

renita said...

that store is so much fun, i went there in the... fall? when chris was living in calgary and the ladies there were so nice :)

LotusKnits said...

glad to see you're back! one of my favorite summery songs is speakeasy by 311. they have a lot of fun summer type songs.

can't wait to see your dyeing!!

Batty said...

For some reason, I listen to the Ramones. They make me think summer, don't know why.

Katie said...

summer song? I always think of "beach baby" by First Class