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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

monkey monkey monkey pal!

angela marie turned out to be my monkey pal! i was SO EXCITED, because when i first saw the socks that she was working on for the swap, i wanted them so badly!

well, not only did i get the socks of my dreams, which fit wonderfully and will be worn with my doc martens for show-off-ness today, but SO MUCH other stuff!

i was planning on making myself some hot pink dishcloths after i finished the yellow ones i'm making my mama... but look what was in this box! AWESOME!

handmade 'girly with a twist' stitch markers from her own etsy store... i am IN LOVE with these!!!

crocheted matching bookmark that is already nestled inside my current read

monkey bag and 'spa girl' sugar free mints

my balls of yarn and needles for knitting blanket squares are already nestled inside the banana-lined sock monkey bag

monkey foamie kit (i'm making this tonight!) and a cute little photo album

and the whole thing was wrapped up with a pretty oregon postcard.

thank you SO MUCH, angela. there could not possibly have been a better way to start out my day... this is just incredible!


Lana said...

Great socks, love the color...

Oh, check out what I just did this morning. It's not finished yet. When I am finished I will leave a message on here for you. LOL!

Have a great day!

Rebel said...

Hey - I have that postcard! Your secret pal is my neighbor! =) Lots of great goodies, love the socks, and the bag, very cute. - zuma

Angela Marie said...

You are very welcome!!! I had to chuckle when you made that comment about the socks when I was still knitting them.

sharon said...

Have to say that someone was scoping out what would be good. These SP things look like fun

KnitChick said...

Wow, what a perfect package!!!

LOVE the monkey bag!! How cool!

Katie said...

wooo! those socks are perfect for you!!! I have to admit when I saw them on the swap I figured they might be yours.

if you hear about any more sock swaps, let me know!