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Friday, June 8, 2007

let's dance (aka the sock post)

first of all, i am currently flipping around on the internet drooling over colinette jitterbug. magneta, popsicle, all of the bright colours are so amazingly vivid! i've never seen this yarn in person, but part of me wants to go ahead and brave the exchange rate and shipping to order some... pixie wants...

one of my monkeys for the swap is blocking. the cherry tree hill supersock bloomed when washed... i wasn't expecting that at all! still, they look comfy and a good size. i'm very happy with them, i hope my monkey pal is too!

the first pixie riot yarn oddities are almost ready to be posted. three of them are spoken for already - one was custom made for my brother, and two are going into socks for my knittyboard sock swap 2 pals - but there will be four skeins for sale, and they are SUPER bright and SUPER funky! whatever kinds of colours you fancy, one of these four yarns will suit your tastes.

one of the ones that's spoken for is actually going to be overdyed a little, but that should make it the perfect colour for my sock pal. YAY!


sharon said...

I have some delightful colinette jitterbug in pink colourway but I don't think I can find a picture- imagine that I don't have one.
They have gorgeous colours I agree

Batty said...

The Jitterbug is gorgeous, and I love having it here, all close and personal. Somebody was nice enough to point out that the yardage leaves something to be desired, though, so a full-length pair of socks takes 2 skeins, or you can make ankle socks. At least that's what I think, I'll be able to tell you more once I've actually knit with it.