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Thursday, June 7, 2007

i hate myself and i want to dye

title is stolen from a book i'm reading right now. i'll post about it when i'm finished, 'cause it's fantastic. it's hilarious, and perfect for any music lovers out there.

anyhow, last night, armed with kool aid and food colouring, i dyed another four colourways (i had done one yesterday morning, and two the evening before). last night's were even better than the earlier ones!

since these are my early dyeing experiments, and they're not exactly a perfect finished product, i decided to name them after clash songs. i know that joe and mick would appreciate the imperfections.

so, rudie can't fail is re-skeined and looks INCREDIBLE. it looks professional. i can't stop staring at it, because it's so much more than i ever expected from my first-ever skein of dyed yarn! cool confusion and lost in the supermarket are hanging in the computer room, dry and ready to be re-skeined tonight... pressure drop, if music could talk, 1-2-crush on you, and wrong 'em boyo are hanging downstairs, still drying.

after everything is re-skeined, expect a huge yarn pr0n post!


Batty said...


I keep getting visions of this colorway that's fuchsia, yellow and lime green. It also has to do something with giant insect thingies from Mars, not sure why... : )

Can't wait to see the results of your dyeing fun.

moxie said...

I can't wait to see them! With names like that, you know they'll be awesome. :)

Katie said...

pictures soon??? they sound fantastic! you're making me want to try it out...

do you have any stitch markers for sale?

sharon said...

I am seeing fuschia and black and just fun!!!
The names are awesome.
Can't wait to see them!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to see the yarn!!! I finished your monkey socks today. Hope you like them. I'll send you a message when I mail them. - Monkey Pal