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Monday, June 25, 2007

dyeing and store stuff

mwah. greetings all! i spent yesterday dyeing up some more yarn. three colorways are custom for sock pals i'm knitting for, and three will likely be for sale (though the provider of the undyed yarn will have first dibs on them!)

the three that will be for sale are one-offs, that won't be a part of the normal yarn oddities line. you lovelies will have first crack at them, of course, in all of their neon punk-ness.

two things i'm mainly posting about.

1) just a reminder: if there's a yarn oddity that's sold out that you're interested in, either email pixie at pixieriot dot net, or leave me a blog comment, to let me know. i'll make sure a skein gets dyed and reserved for you - but no $$ deposit is required, and if you change your mind later it's totally okay. it just gives me a good idea of how much i need to dye, and also makes sure you won't miss out on a yarn you want! i've got a lot of reservations in my little book already. FUN!

2) do you like the system i have now of posting my items in a store within my blog, and having you do your ordering via email? or, would you prefer to see my items go in an etsy store, so you can do all of your clicking and typing and purchasing through there? i'm very curious as to what you would prefer, and why. i want to make you all happy! :-)

off to get some work done now... i'll check back for responses through the day, party because i'm very curious and partly because i'm bored today. ;-)


moxie said...

i'm fine with ordering yarn either way. the only thing is, i think that you tend to lose a bit of branding/identity in an Etsy store, just because they all look alike. Then again, I just started an Etsy account the other day... maybe my opinion will change. :)

Batty said...

Same here with ordering yarn either way. Mine came yesterday and it's gorgeous. Pictures will be up as soon as it's moved up the 'must knit' queue! I think I already have a pattern in mind.

Katie said...

same as the other works for me :)