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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

about the yarn question...

i've had several people ask what TYPE of worsted weight yarn i'm collecting for my blanket. the answer is ANYTHING! soft cotton, dishcloth cotton, superwash wool, non-superwash, acrylic, bamboo.... as long as it's not mohair or cashmere (i'm allergic) i will happily take anything that's 5-10 yards, or so, for making squares for the blanket!

thanks to everyone who's sent yarn so far, i've made a few more squares, they're going to be my bus projects for the next while.

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Batty said...

Good to know. I think I have a whole bunch of yarn that was intended for the Very Tall Socks, until I realized I had long, skinny legs that would entail an complete reworking of the pattern. I'm too lazy for that. So if the yarn isn't too thin, I may be sending it your way.