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Wednesday, May 2, 2007


yep, still just as excited.

to celebrate the fact that i'm going to the festival of my dreams, and that it's making me ecstatically happy, i'm going to have a contest! the prizes are handmade stitch markers, and i'm hoping that they'll make some other people smile as much as i have been!

i've been making a LOT of stitch markers lately, and most of them are going to designated homes already. however, i made a few extra special sets of pixiemarkers! yep, handmade by me. partly pretty, partly punk, all pixie.

here they are!

yes, they're dripping in beads. while some projects are best with simple stitch markers, sometimes you just want something pretty! these are definitely the funkiest stitch markers i've ever made.

so, how can you win them? it's easy.

i'm going to the festival of my dreams, to see some AMAZING live performers. if you want to win stitch markers, send me an email with an answer to this question:

what is YOUR dream live concert/festival? (it can just be one artist, doesn't have to be a whole festival lineup!)

i'm just really curious to get to know you all, and what moves you when it comes to music! whether you'd want to go back in time to see the beatles, or even FURTHER back in time and be at the premier of mozart's magic flute, or if it's going down to the corner pub because your boyfriend's band are playing their first gig there. i want to know. :-)

so, email away. address is

by the way, you have a GREAT chance of winning, because not only do i not have that many readers, i made FOUR identical sets of stitch markers, so there'll be four winners. the winner will be selected by random draw! i'm not basing this on your musical tastes. ;-)

eta: i guess i need a deadline! let's give you a week. :-) wed may 9th... i'll draw names the morning of the 10th!


Krysstyllanthrox said...

Oh Geeze... My music tastes are so weird it would be one odd festival. On any given day there is anything from classical to country to soft rock to hard rock to metal and even some rap on my playlist.

Right now though I'm seriously crushing on Nickleback, Utada (did the Kingdom Hearts main song vocals), Jimmy Buffett, and even a little bit of Pink. Jimmy Buffett is a must have as I grew up listening to him and it brings back memories of hazy summer afternoons with the windows open and dancing around with my mom.

Penny Karma said...

What a kickass question! I shall have to think upon it.

pixieriot said...

I love Pink, she's so much fun! Eclectic tastes are always good. :-)

LotusKnits said...

Those stitch markers are sooo super cool! Congrats on getting to go to your festival!

Wow...what a good question! My dream festival would include the White Stripes, MCR, Green Day, the Cure, Incubus, Muse, and 311. And when I say festival, I really mean back-to-back private performances for me and my friends. And lots of time for chatter with the bands. And lots of free alcohol and weed. And other unmentionable acts (what?!? it's a "dream" right?). Gerard Way is not gay in my dreams. I'm just sayin'.

p.s. our b'days are only 4 days apart hehe

Katie said... used my answer as an example. I'd totally go back in time to see the Beatles (or Nirvana)!

MayaB said...

Well I love festivals, and I take a lot of pride concerning atending them as well. Before she was four months old my daughter had atended three festivals, so as you can see, I raise her well. I guess my greatest festival moment must have been the first festival I attended, Roskilde 1995. But the most emotional moment is a Swedish festival called Arvika in 2001 where I saw Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, I actually started crying.

Sandykins57 said...

That's a tough one! I've seen a number of artists that I love: eLi, Van Morrison, Sha Na Na, Maynard Ferguson. But, the one that I will never forget is Simon and Garfunkel. They were in Stockholm a couple of years ago (a reunion tour). My husband and I went. And even though we are cultures and sometimes worlds apart in our experiences, this one we shared. The concert touched both of our hearts and took us back to much younger days. For me, the tears flowed. I'd go again in a heartbeat!

lulu said...

Hello, it's lulu again ... but this entry is for my DD who was dismayed at my choice of Woodstock and insists that our family prove that we are not living in the long ago's .... She wants me to vote for the Live 8 Concert that was held London in 2005. (I still vote for Woodstock though, don't tell her!!)

Webbo said...

Ok, I have pondered. There are loads of people I wish I had been around to see: Howling Wolf, Love in their prime, Hank Williams, Thew Clash, Chet Baker, Billy Holiday all jump to mind. But my dream festival would be the one where everyone I have been around to see - but have missed, for rubbish reasons - gets together to allow me to make good. So I would have

Sleater Kinney
The Make-Up
Royal Trux
Bikini Kill

If they would all reform and be brilliant just for one night, and just for me, I would die happy.

jacicita said...

If I could handle the drive and the sun I'd seriously love to go to the Willie Nelson show at the Gorge. It's a Fourth of July picnic with folks I love (like The Old 97's) and folks I've been told I should check out (like Son Volt).

I can't help it, though. I was raised country.

I'd also LOVE to go to SPEBSQSA Internationals some year. OMG.

Rebecca said...

I wanted so badly to go to Coachella, but couldn't afford the airfare. Although my fave festival will always be Iceland Airwaves, since I met my husband there when I saw his band play. ;)