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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

oh man, secret pals rock!

the knittyboard spring fling has been such a freakin' blast!

my downstream, magses, is still waiting on a package from me, because i'm still waiting for canada post to deliver two things that are for her.

my upstream, the midnight farm, sent me my big last package, and it arrived yesterday! oh my goodness. let's take a look at what was inside!

first, all still (mostly) wrapped up:

with a cute crochet-pattern card... time to dust off my (somewhat weak) crochet skills!

every town has to have it's postcard landmarks - how cool is this?

hmm, what could this lovely yarn be for?

and this TINKERBELL FABRIC and interfacing?

why, to make felted music bag! this is the most perfect pattern ever... and now i have everything i need to make it!

one skein, which i have been wondering about for AGES, and pretty bookplates!

the cutest sock patterns EVER... i can't wait to make the watermelon ones!!!

and a pair of pixies, a little girl and a little boy... too cute! these are going in the planter in my living room.

i am the most spoiled pixie EVER! thank you, the midnight farm, for making my first ever SP swap such an incredible one!

spirit of the west - our station

meet me tonight, i'll buy the first round
i know a little place that you might not have found
it looks down on the city from the underground
this is our station in the heart of town.


pixies pal said...

It was a lot of fun to spoil you. I'm glad you enjoyed our Fling!!

A Crafty Lawyer said...

That bag with the musical notes on it is wonderful -- I hope you'll post a photo when you make it.
(PS - thanks for the comment about my stitch markers)