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Thursday, May 3, 2007

non-knitting: calculations and goals.

i played around with a BMI calculator this morning, trying to decide what to do about my size right now. i'm not that overweight, but it's above my healthy weight, and i had to buy jeans because none of my clothes fit. according to the BMI calculator, i'll be back at a healthy weight if I lose 15 or 20 pounds. so, that's not too bad at ALL. if i start exercising every morning, i can probably do that by the time i leave for monterey. it would be nice to buy a new bathing suit before i go stay at a beachside resort for five days! especially since rockstar LOVES swimming. frankly, i'm pretty afraid of the water, but i feel safer knowing that he has his lifeguard training.

so. 15 lbs in four and a half months. hell, even if i lose ten, i'll fit back into most of my clothes, and that's the big one for me. i spend a LOT of money on clothes, and not being able to wear so much of my wardrobe sucks. plus, i have patterns i want to knit! like the knitty hot tamale skirt... i'm not about to make it for the size i am right now if i'm going to start trying to lose weight!

for now i'll just work on sweaters. i haven't changed that much, size-wise, in my upper half. it's just that whole bloody "butt and thighs" area... sheesh.

do any of my lovely knitties have weight loss tips? i've been browsing through lessjess's blog... my first step, other than exercising in the morning, is going to be eating fruit. i love fruit... mmm...

my other goal right now is to finish the sleeves on wicked. AGAIN. i frogged back a ways this morning, and started knitting them again on the bus. i might have it done tonight! if i do, i'll get rockstar to take some pictures so i can show you.

you know, having you folks out there to type to just makes me happier. :-)

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you can't be too careful
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sharon said...

i am working on the same goal as you (the weight loss not the trip) and I did weight watchers between my two gurlz and it worked. I don't want to spend the money to join, so I am working on two things right now - portion size and more fresh fruit and vegetables. Another thing i also try to do is not have grains/pasta/breads with meats and protein - that is from Fit for Life. Your digestive system works better that way.
Lots of water too!
And remember to reward yourself - don't diet, just change eating patterns/portions and like you said add in the walking