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Wednesday, May 2, 2007


holy cow. i can't believe i'm writing this. i can't can't can't can't believe it... zomg.... GAH! you may have noticed the obnoxiously bright pink ticker on my blog...

i am officially going to the 50th annual monterey jazz festival. dudes, this is THE jazz festival in north america. the two biggies here are montreal and monterey. I'M GOING TO MONTEREY! FOR THE FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

this year it's september 20-25th, so it's RIGHT before my 25th birthday (the 27th of sept), and it will be the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER. gah.

dave brubeck is going to be there. ornette coleman. nnenna freelon. the list goes on and on and on and on...

not only that, but we're staying at the marina dunes resort, going on a wine tasting tour, etc etc etc... all with some of my most favouritest musically inclined people, fellow DJs from my radio station!!!

i just... dude. i might faint. this is so amazing.

oh, and i'm having a blog contest to celebrate. more on that this afternoon/evening!

(eta: this is the least coherent post i've ever written. sorry!)

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Webbo said...

That's great! I got back from a brilliant, amazing weekend at ATP on Monday (the UK one, as I am a UKer) so I am all for listening to loads of great music with your friends. Is it cheating if I just use the line-up for last weekend as my dream concert? Thought so!