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Thursday, May 17, 2007

how to get ahead in advertising

i think i need to make a button for my blog. something cute in black, pink and green that you can use to link to me. if i'm interesting enough that you want to link to me, haha. so should i get on that?

hmm, other stuff. i'm mentally designing my first pattern of my own. i have NO idea if it will work, but if it does, it will be the kind of thing where if you use one set of colours, it will be really pretty and girly, but with another set of colours it could be really goth or punk. wish me luck! i've never designed anything before. step one is swatching the different stitch patterns i'm thinking of. that's what my weekend is for. well, that and knitting monkey socks, because...

charmed knits has arrived, and i HAVE TO make two house sweaters before the movie premiere. i ordered the yarn last night with express shipping, so it should be here by next thursday at the latest. then i knit until my fingers fall off... sheesh. it's gonna be a LOT of work.

but when you combine it with the silk house ties that i ordered yesterday, and slacks and shiny black shoes, tommy and i will be a verrrrrrry adorable hogwarts couple. he looks like he should be a weasley... me? well, people are going to think that i'm trying to be tonks as a ravenclaw. haha. it's all in the pink hair...

james taylor - never die young

we were ring-around-the-rosy children
they were circles around the sun
never give up, never slow down
never grow old, never ever die young

synchronized with the rising moon
even with the evening star
they were true love written in stone
they were never alone, they were never that far apart

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MayaB said...

Why don't you make smaller version of your heading as a button, you might have to do something with the font, but I think it will look great as a button on my site.