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Thursday, May 17, 2007

hey! let's all be square together!

lately, when i have a little bit of time and i'm not picking up a project, i'm making mitred squares. the pattern i'm using is adapted from the heathen housewife's square blanket pattern, but i've gotten rid of a lot of her elements, i'm putting it together differently... really, it's just the method of decreasing for a mitred square that i'm still keeping from her.

using scrap worsted weight yarn on size six needles, here is the pattern i'm following:

co 41 sts (using a standard knit cast on

row 1 (rs) - k 19, sl 2 tog, k1, psso, k19
row 2 - k all
row 3 - k 18, sl 2 tog, k1, psso, k18
row 4 - k all
row 5 - k 17, sl 2 tog, k1, psso, k 17

continue in pattern until there are 3 sts remaining.

next row (ws) - k all
final row (rs) - sl 2 tog, k1, psso, break yarn and draw through remaining loop tightly to bind off.

sl 2 tog, k1, psso - slip two stitches together as if to do a k2tog, but instead just slip them onto the righthand needle. knit the next stich, then pass the two slipped stitches together over that knit stitch.

okay, now WHY did i post this pattern for you? well, because i'm making an entire blanket out of these squares.. mostly acrylic and superwash wool, all worsted weight or lighter weight stranded together, all starting with exactly 41 stitches so they're easy to join together.

rockstar is knitting a few squares for the blanket, and i thought some of my knitting friends might be interested as well. so, if you'd like to knit a square for my blanket, to use up some yarn ends or what have you, i would definitely not say no. this blanket is going to cover my entire queen sized bed. BIG BLANKIE!

(to give you an idea of my gauge on this, my squares are between 3.5 and 4 inches across, depending on the yarn. that half inch is easily fudged in a patchwork, though.)

no pressure though. just thought i'd put it out there... it'd be so fun to have squares from all over!

the monkees - pleasant valley sunday

the local rock group down the street
is trying hard to learn their song
they serenade the weekend squire
who just came out to mow his lawn

1 comment:

lulu said...

Hey Pixie,
I knitted up a couple of squares for you .... they are really small ... you are going to need hundreds and thousands and millions (!) for a queen size bed!!!!!
lotsa love