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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

fo: om yoga mat bag

so, for mothers' day, my future mil wanted a yoga mat. so since rockstar was getting her that, it only made sense to make something to go with it. so, i present stich 'n' bitch nation's om yoga mat bag, with a few variations.

it's a little bit larger than the pattern called for, because it was a larger yoga mat that we bought. also, i added in some extra colour - that soft mint green that's in the strap. i also used the same green, on size 1 dpns, to make i-cord for the drawstring instead of buying one as suggested. turned out pretty darned well! yarn is an old red heart that was RAKed to me (rose), and bernat satin (green).

the beatles - across the universe

thoughts meander like a restless wind
inside a letterbox
they tumble blindly
as they make their way
across the universe

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