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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

and then there were 38

i knit some more squares last night. can you see the theme? i didn't get the slytherin one done, because that yarn is buried in the basement, but here are gryffindor, hufflepuff and ravenclaw!

and the stack of 38 squares as they stand right now. which, according to my calculations, is 8.6% of the total squares i need to finish the project.

i guess I should weave in ends at some point, haha.


Queen Frogger said...

The squares look great but the ends look too scarey for me!!

lulu said...

And remember, I have about 12 or so to send to you too ....

knittygurl said...

I'll make a couple of them for you! It'll give me a chance to try out the technique before making one of my own! Any color prefs?

MayaB said...

Leave the ends so long that you can use them to sow the squares together when you're making the blanket. That way you'll avoid any unnecessary sowing. BTW I just LOVE your scarf!