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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

wip: wicked still

i finished one of the sleeves on wicked tonight, and it looks pretty good, but i think i'm going to frog it back a few inches and make some changes. i'm going to use the m1 increases from the hip shaping to make the arms (starting just above the wrist) flared instead of straight, and i'm going to make them long enough that they'll come down almost to cover my fingertips. i think it will make it a little more "me". it's a shame, because doing the cabling pattern on two circs was annoying... but if i don't fix it, i'll never want to wear it, and that would be MUCH worse.

i showed pictures of the in-progress wicked today, and she liked it so much that she immediately sent me to an online yarn store to buy yarn to make one for her. :-D my mama's awesome. it'll look GREAT on her!

KNITPICKS CAME TODAY! whee! size 1 and 2 dpns, and two pattern books - vogue quick knits, because it was on sale and there were two or three sweaters in it i really liked, and wedding knits, because i've been eyeing that book online since i first saw it. the wedding dress pattern in it is INCREDIBLE! my plan is to make that dress, in the traditional white, but add embroidered accents of bright pink flowers with green leaves, like on my mama's wedding dress. also, it looks like it needs a good slip dress underneath, so i'm hoping to either find or make a hot pink slip dress to wear under it. that way, i have a great touch of my favourite funky hot pink, while still having a traditional white wedding dress. it's going to look amazing... man, i love knitting.


jacicita said...

but where are the pictures for -us-?

i need to place a knitpicks order soon to help dull the pain of the knitting i left on my crosscountry flight at the start of the month.

Heather said...

I was thinking the same- Pictures please!!

SarahJanet said...

Holy man, you're going to knit your wedding dress? You are a braver person than me.