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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

wip: wicked is so close!

i spent some more time knitting on the bus this morning, and wicked almost has one sleeve. here are some in-progress shots from this morning, BEFORE the extra knitting. the sleeve is about four inches longer now. man, so close... i'll be wearing it by this weekend, that's my goal!

wicked on my messy, messy bed:

and a close-up of the larger-than-normal pocket and its cabling detail:

man, i'm so excited!

everclear - otis redding

i wish i could be like all my heroes
i wish i could be like all yours, too
i wish i could sing like otis redding
i wish i could play this guitar in tune


Webbo said...

Looking very pink and very fine. Working in the round is so speedy and satisfying, I sometimes think it must somehow mean you're cheating!

pixies pal said...

looks very good and I have every confidence in you that it will be done for the weekend!!