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Friday, April 20, 2007

wip: wicked and some socks.

first of all, i've heard from a few of you that you didn't see my pictures of wicked! how weird. if you click through to my blog, from whatever feed you're using, and scroll down, you'll find them. or click on any of my pictures to go to my photo album, and you'll find wicked there.

tonight, i finished the second sleeve (the first still needs to be frogged back a few inches). i added some increases to flare the sleeve, and even increased during the cabling section, but i'm still not sure i'm happy with it. something about the sleeves just doesn't look right, no matter what i do. i'm pretty unhappy right now, so i've set it aside and i'm going to look at it again in a few days. maybe i'll try it on and get rockstar to take some pictures of me wearing it... one of you lovely, talented knitters may have ideas/suggestions. i'm not opposed to frogging AGAIN, if it means that my sleeves will make me happy!

so to distract myself from the wicked frustration, i cast on the knitty queen of cups pattern. it's the most complicated sock i've tried yet, and it's my first experience with size 1 needles. they're so little! but i'm getting more comfortable with it. knitting into the cast-on stitches was a bitch, but it's much easier now. and the colourway in this lorna's laces (purple iris, purple gold and dark green) looks STUNNING in these tiny stitches. my red-headed witch is going to love her tarot inspired socks, and the colours are PERFECT for her. seriously though, after working with these socks, the next pair of monkeys i make will be EASY AS PIE!

speaking of monkey socks, join the monkey sock exchange! just click through to my profile page, and the only blog i have other than this one is the exchange. it's gonna be a BLAST, and someone will make you monkey socks!

danny michel - hartley

with a smartass glare, you sink in your chair
and announce you've decided to cut off your hair
and the casting director shuts down the projector
and throws up his arms in the air

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