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Thursday, April 5, 2007

swoonable yarny goodness!

my lorna's laces arrived in the mail yesterday, and i just ordered malabrigo for a clapotis... i have a bunch of pretty black dresses that i like to wear in the summer with knee-high black boots, so i think a shockingly red clapotis is just the thing to complete the outfit. mmmm.....

**edit: i've now, after a lot of work, knit the cuff and the first pattern repeat of my first monkey sock. i think it will be easier now.. i've never worked with sock sized needles or sock yarn before. the colourway of this yarn is just stunning...

cast of RENT - living in america

when you're living in america
at the end of the millennium
when you're living in america
you are what you own

1 comment:

Katie said...

its hard to get used to the sock sized needles, but once you do, they are oh so much fun! I used to think size 7 needles were small, not anymore. which yarn are you using for the Monkey Socks?