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Monday, April 30, 2007

random acts of kindness

holy cow. okay, seriously. tonna from the knittyboard has made my day. she sent me a RAK gift in the mail, and it arrived today... it's HUGE! she destashed a lot of her acrylic yarns in my direction, and they will certainly be used. this is only two pictures out of FIVE that i took, which is how much it took to get all the yarn in. i already know what the two pounds of purple are for, and i can hardly wait to get started on it...

a knitting technique book! i've only ever had either instructional books or pattern books, so this is exciting for me. it's got all sorts of stitch patterns, patterns for different kinds of hems and collars, a whole thwack of cast-ons and bind-offs... i think that, with the help of this book, i might finally be ready to tackle creating my own sock pattern!

STITCH MARKERS! I have never ever ever ever had real stitch markers before. i always use leftover o-rings, pieces of plastic, or just contrasting yarn tied into loops. aren't they gorgeous? some of them she even made herself! can you see the little sun-and-stars one in the batch in the bottom right corner? it's my favourite. they're so lovely!

so thank you, tonna, for all of the wonderful goodies, and good luck on your surgery, too. i may be working on a little something for you, so watch your own mail!


the beatles - here comes the sun

little darlin', the smiles returning to their faces
little darlin', it seems like years since they've been here
here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and i say, it's all right.


Katie said...

how awesome!!!

pixies pal said...

you are one lucky pixie!! Those knittyheads sure are the best, you never know what they might do!