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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

a plethora of pixies

man, I may have too many pixies in my life. hehe. there's a collection called 'dream fairies', though they're kinda dark and punk/goth/whateverish, so i think they're more pixies anyway, and i've started buying them. i have three so far (i just bought number three today), and they're gorgeous. i'm planning on taking pictures when i get home tonight. i also bought another tinkerbell (well, her new fairy friends) cell phone charm, though this one is on the zipper of my purse. i think the next section to my picasa album will be the pixie gallery.

update on wicked: almost done! the body is finished, the pocket is done and seamed on, and i've started on a sleeve. i'll be wearing it by the weekend, for sure. i ended up not using the mottled colour for the trim, because it just didn't match that well. but the hot pink on its own is vibrant enough that i don't think it needs anything extra. i made the pocket for the larger sizes, even though i made one of the smaller sizes, because i really like pockets and thought the big one would be cooler. in-progress pics tonight, maybe! after all, my secret pal asked to see it.

i'm making stitch markers! i bought beads, headpins, etc etc today, so i can make a few sets of stitch markers. one for my secret pal, one for a lovely knittyhead who is sending me some yarn, and one for another knittyhead who i think deserves a present just 'cause she makes me smile. :-) ALSO, i'm making four special sets of pixieriot stitch markers, in pixieriot colours, with (of course), pixies on them, and i am going to GIVE THEM AWAY IN A BLOG CONTEST.

now, i just need to decide what the contest will be. haha. i have no idea, at the moment, what a cool contest would be. but we'll see. who doesn't love stitch markers? especially with pretty punk pixies on them. yeah... they're gonna be cool. whee!

eta: by the way, i may or may not have ordered two more colours of lorna's laces shepherd sock. rainbow and jeans. one pair o' socks for me, and one for my rockstar. i wonder if my malabrigo will be here soon...

the cure - high

and when i see you kitten as a cat
yeah, as smitten as that
the way you fur
the how you purr
it makes me want to paw you all


Katie said...

can't wait to see the pictures of Wicked!

Knitting Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I did find the wire today at Walmart! I'm adding you to my - I'll definitely check back your blog!

pixies pal said...

You've been very busy - what with being almost finished Wicked, making stitch marker and possibly ordering some sock yarn!

Knittypants said...

I want to see your pink wicked. And an extra big pocket, that's a great idea.

Your stitch markers sound like they will be cute, I have always thought they would be fun to make. Maybe one day...

You have some lovely, soft yarn coming. I love Lorna's Laces and one day very soon I plan on getting my mitts on some Malabrigo.