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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

pixies, pixies, everywhere!

i mentioned yesterday that i have a loooooot of pixies. here are my three pixie statuettes. they're soooo pretty... the tallest of them, with the red and purple wings, is a little less than a foot tall. there are SO many of them, and apparently they're starting to make more, too!

also in the gallery are pics of a lot of my other pixies, such as cell phone charm and wallet, but i won't post all of those images. just click over to my picasa and check out the pixie gallery for more.

From pixie gallery

weezer - only in dreams

you can't avoid her
she's in the air
between the molecules
of oxygen and carbon dioxide

1 comment:

Batty said...

They're gorgeous! I particularly like pixies with fishnets, don't know why... : )