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Thursday, April 26, 2007

other crafts: candy. but, wooden.

(if you've been directed by taikeaux@nex to to buy premade candy, read on! if you're one of my regular readers, sorry about the unusualness of this post. :-P)

my darling taikeaux came over last weekend, and we made bracelets for him to take and give away at raves. the pic below shows what we got done. he's coming over tonight to make more! it's a quick and easy process, our results turn out beautifully, and we're now officially selling lots of premade bracelets (in multiples of ten) for those kids who don't want to/can't make their own.

if that's why you've found this blog, get in touch via email - orders at pixieriot dot com is the address. i'll be happy to talk to you and set you up with exactly what you want!

i lean toward using brightly coloured wooden beads, but also have access to plastic, foam, metal, glow-in-the-dark, etc.

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