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Monday, April 2, 2007

knitting with nails.

i treated myself to a set of acrylic nails tonight. they're supercute. except one finger is kinda sore from it so far, which happens sometimes. i got standard white tips, with a little pink starburst airbrushed in the centre of each one, and a little clear gem in the centre of each starburst. SO CUTE!

i'll post a picture tomorrow. also tomorrow, pictures of two of my finished pairs of slippersocks. one of which was made tonight. yes, the nails have passed the knitting test. i'm used to having no nails at all, so it was a teeny adjustment, but not too bad at all!

i can still type really fast wearing them, too. yay!

i'm also debating tucking a little musical bit in at the end of each of my blogposts. my life pretty much revolves around music. so i think it will be artist, title, and a snippet of lyrics. anything i post, i HIGHLY reccommend you check out! high percentage of punk-y stuff.

right now, it's elvis costello. it JUST flipped over into 'alison', but for most of this post it was 'watching the detectives'. the original version, not the metropol orkest version, though i definitely recommend both!

elvis costello - watching the detectives

long shot at that jumping sign
invisible shivers running down my spine
cut to baby taking off her clothes
close-up of the sign that says 'we never close'

elvis costello - alison

sometimes i wish that i could stop you from talking
when i hear the silly things that you say
i think somebody better put out the big light
'cause i can't stand to see you this way

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