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Sunday, April 1, 2007

i did it AGAIN!

i'll be posting a flash-your-stash post later today, or tomorrow, but for now... I DID IT AGAIN. sigh. i went out with the intention of buying sock-sized DPNs, and came home with 8 skeins of yarn and one HUGE ball of bernat twist softee chunky (pink, red, and purple, I LOVE IT! i think it might become sleeves and a hood on a black sweater).

the other yarn was bernat super stripes, in black/fuchsia, black/teal, black/purple, and black/lime, to make the chevron blanket pattern that's on the label. though, adapted slightly. it's going to look great. because it's a "chevron" pattern (a reference that will make sense to other stargate nerds among us), and because it will mostly be knit while watching stargate (we just started season six today, this is my favourite show EVER), i have nicknamed it the stargate snuggler.

the first stripe of eight will be finished any time now. it's so pretty...

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Batty said...

Yay, you did it again! That's how stashes grow. Share the stash love!