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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

finally getting wicked

my wool-ease in FUCHSIA (it's so bright, i love it) arrived today, and so when i get home from work i will be swatching and starting right in on the knitting. i'm also debating whether the cool purple-pink-red twist yarn i got, also a worsted, will work for the collar, cuffs, pocket and hem of the sweater. i'll have to compare it to the gauge and the colour pink of the wool-ease to see if they'll go together.

yay wicked! i really want this sweater, and i really, really need to do something nice for myself.

so, while i'm here. tell me something that made you smile today? i could use it.


xx A said...

Your comment made me smile! :)

That... and going through the Flickr accounts of friends who are great photographers... feeling wistful for a time when I have a really kickass digital camera. But in a very good way.

maryannlucy said...

Something that made me smile? Your comment on my can never have enough pink, and I LOVE the your new tat, it is looking really good, and pink hair...that is just too cool!

Webbo said...

Blogging about Ester and getting lovely comments made me smile! Wicked is a very cute sweater and your contrast trim would turn it into a very pixie, very cute sweater! I made Rusted Root and I really liked the way the Zephyr girls wrote up the pattern. I hope you love them too!