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Thursday, April 26, 2007

<3 to pixies pal!

every day i've been running down to check for mail, because i'm expecting a lot of yarn. but what did i find today? well, i did find an envelope of lorna's laces, but LOOK WHAT ELSE! my secret pal is awesome.

i hope you weren't attached to the box, pal, because i tore into it desperately enough that i'm afraid it didn't make it:

tinkerbell stickers! as soon as i find something important enough to put them on, pics will appear in the pixie gallery:

the full contents of the box (yes, that's a hallowig!):

hallowig being modelled by toulouse, who wants you all to know "i is not a girl!":

when i'm feeling a little bit better, and not looking like i've been sick for days, i promise to take a pic of myself wearing it! and i'll let you know if blondes have more fun. you know, my hair was actually this colour for a while... not blonde, but actual crayon yellow, like the wig. i liked it!

what's supercool is something that my pal couldn't POSSIBLY have known - i started to make hallowig once upon a time, in this exact same shade of yellow. i had JUST started knitting, and the thought of doing ribbing on circular needles scared me so much that i frogged it and made another scarf instead. :-X but look! i was DESTINED to have a yellow hallowig! how freakin' cool is that?!

i was feeling grumpy about staying home sick in a cold house, waiting for someone to come fix my furnace FOR REALZ THIS TIME ZOMG PLEASE, but it meant i was here when the mail was delivered, and that was AWESOME!

<3 <3 <3 <3 pixies pal!

spirit of the west - drinking man

i'm not the picture of perfect health
but i'm feelin' no pain today!

1 comment:

pixies pal said...

Holy cow...Canada Post was on the ball yesterday. I figured the parcel might get to you by next Monday at the earliest!!!

That's too wierd about the Hallowig - it certainly was destined to be.

Just to let you know, I do believe that there are other things coming your way.