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Thursday, March 29, 2007

somebody stop me!

i just bought 4 skeins of lorna's laces shepherd sock, in bittersweet and purple iris, to make monkey socks. now, i'm participating in the monkey sock exchange, but this isn't even for that. this is just for me, for fun. well, the bittersweet will be monkey socks for me, at least. the purple iris might end up being queen of cups, as they're for my lovely red-headed witch and she quite liked that pattern. i figured if i'm paying the shipping, i may as well buy enough for a couple of pairs. i'm really looking forward to this.

now i just need to buy myself some size 2 dpns, as i have none in my collection. i have a set of 3s, but those are the only small ones i have.

i've finished the orange slippersocks, as i mentioned before, and i've finished the first slipper of the fuchsia pair. i need to knit less. ;-)

(edited to replace the stars with the actual name of the second yarn, as i couldn't remember it when i originally wrote this post.)


Katie said...

I love the Monkey Sock pattern...I wasn't thinking and made mine with size 1 dpn' they dont' fit me. so I'm gifting them to someone else. oh and learn.

pixie knits! said...

I need to buy my size 2s, but then I'm good to go. They're such a cute pattern.. I joined the Monkey Sock exchange, so I'll get to make more pairs, too. :-)

Sssarahevt said...

Hi pixie, just found yer blog, LOVE the punk kitty hat! I'll be trying to keep reading!!

Katie said...

monkey sock exchange?

pixie knits! said...

You should check it out!

Batty said...

Sorry, can't stop you. I'm an enabler. Go buy yarn!