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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

feeling wicked - and so it begins!

while very innocently browsing the knittyboard, i flipped through the knitalong section. 'i have LOTS of yarn, and so many projects on the go, i won't be tempted by anything!' HAH! i was very wrong.

a knitalong of zephyrstyle's wicked was suggested, and i am MADLY in love with the pattern.

i'm not a wool yarn person, as my skin dries out quite easily at the contact of even a soft 100% wool, so i've decided that, even though part of me wants to make it out of a really nice yarn, that lion brand wool-ease is the best choice, if i want to wear it often. which i DO! it's so pretty...

hopefully the yarn will arrive SOON! except that i can't even order it until my last credit card payment goes through. silly mastercard.

edited to answer Katie's question: i'm making it in fuchsia! i love bright colours, as i'm sure you've guessed if you've flipped through my blog at ALL, haha, and bright pinks are definitely my favourite.


Batty said...

Wicked is beautiful. If my credit card weren't currently maxed out, I, too, would be tempted.

Katie said...

I love that pattern to! what color will you use?