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Thursday, February 7, 2008

new blog.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

get a move on!

i've decided that i really need to push myself forward with my ideas of designing knitting patterns. the vogue knitting and interweave knits winter issues were disappointments to me, and today was the release of the new knitty - most people are really excited about it, but there's not a single pattern i'd knit. and for KNITTY to not have a single pattern i like is insane.

so, with the gloves i have on the go (a checkered fair isle thing) and the sweater i'm designing (which i hope will be as awesome as it is in my head) i'm making a start. but i really think i need to keep moving forward with it! because i love knitting, but only if i can find things i want to knit. :-P

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

actual you snag! pictures

here are photos of the three pairs of my you snag! glovelettes i've been working on. coming soon are the you snag! sweater (already in the knitting stage), check you out! glovelettes (one of the pair is finished and the pattern is finalized) and a few other things. i guess i've got the designing bug, though i'm starting small.

here's the pattern link again.

in yarn oddities 'time bomb'

in yarn oddities 'rebel rebel'

in cherry tree hill supersock, 'autumn foliage' or some name like that (i forget...)

stuff i've been spinning

with thanks and <3 to momma-monkey.

the first is pixie dust from copperpot woolies, the second is hibiscus from spunky eclectic.

i have two others that i've finished but i haven't had time to photo them. they'll be up soon!

i'm thinking voodoo wrist warmers for the purple, and mittens for the orange.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

you snag! glovelettes

hello lovelies!

my computer is giving me issues, so i can't really post pictures right now. however, i really want you all to be able to see what i worked on last weekend... my first-ever pattern!

it's called you snag! and it's for a pair of top-down punk glovelettes with dropped stitches. i've made two pairs already and i'm starting on a third... they're so comfy, and easy too. definitely a beginner level.

pattern is here for downloading!

i'm already working on a sweater based on the same stitch pattern. i really like it, what can i say?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

health update.

i just wanted everyone to know that my test results came back in my favour. there are certainly some medical issues i have to deal with, in regards to the lumps and sores on my breasts, but they're not cancer. right now, that's MORE than good enough for me.

thank you for all the love and well wishes that everyone has sent my way...

Monday, October 15, 2007

loooooong week.

yes, i still haven't caught up on posting or blogstalking or anything, but i'm working toward it. life itself is a little bit crazy right now.

my boss at the radio station quit, so i'm doing her job and mine both, plus working on air hours, plus rehearsing two nights a week with my jazz group, and then still trying to get up to date in yarn oddity orders and stuff for the store. also working on that GINORMOUS order for robyn's november sock club at robyn's nest, which is going to be so awesome.

anyway, things were thrown for a loop this week as i had to go in to the doctor to have a core cut out of a lump in my left breast, so that they could send it away for biopsy. and now i'm just... on edge, is really the only way to describe it. apparently it could take over a month for results.

so until then, i'm going to work a lot to take my mind off of things, spoil myself in little ways to keep myself happy, and just generally try not to wonder whether i have cancer.

so, due to a flurry of keep-myself-busy creativity this week, you will soon be seeing new colourways... more of 'bad brains' and 'spooky girlfriend', and the appearance of 'moods for moderns', 'this sad burlesque', and 'the elements within her'. i'm really excited about all of them.

if you have a request for a yarn oddity for yourself, this week would be a great time to do it.

take care of yourselves, my lovelies, and more from me soon.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

i still knit..'s just that most of what i've been knitting is stuff that was a big secret. ;-) i had three downstream pals in the recent knittyboard sock swap, so i had to wait until they had their socks before i could share pictures. there's still one more pair coming, and some other stuff that i also can't show yet, but in the meantime:

beatrix, from monkey toes, for mean girl. knit in 'chinese rocks' yarn oddity

clementine, also from monkey toes, for lkmanitou. knit in 'we want the airwaves' yarn oddity

i <3 socks, and my favourite patterns are all momma-monkey's.

more dyeing pr0n

(if it's dyeing pr0n, does that make this a snuff entry? okay, okay, bad joke.)

anyhow, here's what else has been cooking up in the yarn oddities studio:

my darling 'rebel, rebel', which is currently for sale at

custom order 'she talks to rainbows'


'bad brains', also a custom order, but a skein will be available as a prize in my contest at socktopia

blurry as all hell, TEN skeins of 'the birds will still be singing', a colourway available exclusively at robyn's nest

close-up, but the lighting was weird and the colour is off. the photo that shows all ten skeins has the true colours

'deep, dark, truthful mirror', on its way to a secret pal who doesn't read this blog :P

'imperial bedroom', the second semi-solid i've ever done, for the same pal


in the shop right now: two skeins of rebel, rebel and three pick-your-own-colour custom skeins, so check it out.

also, i'm doing the november sock club for robyn's nest (link above) and the yarn is SO cool... robyn had a bit of an idea, and i just sort of flew with it. you're going to love it! the catch is, since the sock club kits go out in november, i won't be blogging pictures of it until DECEMBER... so the only way to see it before then is to sign up. ;-)

up next, actual KNITTING content, oh my!

Friday, October 5, 2007

yarn oddities pron friday

all of today's yarn pr0n comes to you from my basement studio (ha ha ha, it's actually a bathroom with a BIG sink attached to a storage room with a deepfreeze that makes a great dyeing surface), production headquarters of yarn oddities. so, this is what i've been up to lately! (and more to come as soon as i get the pics off of emma's camera.)



gimme gimme shock treatment:

havana affair:

chewing gum:

my mood swings (more purple than it looks here):

sad about girls:

rebel rebel (currently available at etsy):

miss mary (part of a set for knitherapy):

sneaky feelings (also for knitherapy):

that's all i've got for this time, but trust me, there's more! plus this is a dyeing weekend.